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It was summer before I started high school, my dad introduced my to the local radio station. Extremely small, mom'n'pop type station. They let me go on air from time to time, introduce a few songs, no big deal. One night, the late night host was picked up by the local police for writing bad checks minutes before his air shift, I volunteered to fill in until he returned, he never came back! I consider that moment as the beginning of my radio career.

  • Aundrae Allison

    Aundrae Allison

    My emotions were mixed the day I was drafted. I went in the 5th round, 146th pick. That, to me, was an insult to my talent and work ethic and everything that I had done up to that point. I felt vengeful mixed with motivation to prove doubters' wrong. It produced a permanent chip on my shirt that will never die!